All Blue Balm® handmade soap is meticulously prepared in small 41 lb batches. The first step is measuring all ingredients accurately – this is crucial. Our pure natural vegetable fats are melted in a large specialized pot and the alkali (rudimentary, ionic salt) mixed with water in another container. Once the two have reached the optimum temperature, the water/alkali solution is mixed with our pure vegetable fats and oils. Absolutely no animal fats are used in any Blue Balm product…ever.


This mixture is then hand-ladled until “tracing” occurs (turns into a thick, viscous mixture). At this point our natural and organic herbs and clays are carefully incorporated along with essential oils.

Blue Balm handmade soaps are then hand poured into separate proprietary vessels to produce various colours and textures. The primary colour is then poured into the mold with the remainder swirled in.


Once our soap mixture has been poured into the mold, it rests for another 48 hours to complete the saponification process. After the 48 hours are completed, the 41 lb block is pulled out of the mold and hand cut it into separate loaves. These loaves are then cut into individual bars before being sorted onto shelves in our curing room. Blue Balm soaps continue to cure for approximately 4 to 6 weeks.

This monitored curing time is imperative as it allows our bars of soap to naturally harden.


Only then, Blue Balm cured bars of handmade soap are ready to be gently packaged and shipped.


The entire process takes over a month. The end result produces a luxurious handmade soap that lathers richly and moisturizes as well as cleanses, leaving skin feeling clean, soft and supple.


Blue Balm soap is full of character, natural goodness and beneficial ingredients such as essential oils and organic herbs and flowers. Because Blue Balm handmade soap retains its natural occurring glycerin, it can be used right down to a fine sliver without cracking or drying like commercial soap.